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Leak Proof Pet Water Bottle & Feeder

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Did you know that for every 1lb of a dog's weight they require 1/2 oz - 2oz of water per day? Did you also know that unlike us, cats, especially adult cats,  should only drink water? Yes that's right! Water not milk. So it is no wonder it is important that our pawesome friends are properly hydrated at all times.

The LEAK PROOF PET WATER BOTTLE & FEEDER is not just great for walks, it is absolutely handy to have in your car or even for those wonderful bike rides out with your beloved pet! 


  • Design: One Key Leak-Proof Design


Segmented Design: Water & food dispenser combined in one bottle.

Important Note: Please do not put dairy into container

  • Big Trough: Food Grade ABS. Available Drain Back

  • Size: One Size 

  • Portable
  • Choose Your Colour -  Pink, Grey, Green & Blue

 🚚FREE Worldwide Shipping!🚚

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20% DISCOUNT OFF! When you buy Any 2 or More.

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