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Made By Moms Collection

Here at AN8 one of our goals is to foster local businesses.

For this particular Made By Moms Collection, we are introducing this amazing US company that locally produces a collection of high quality, beautiful custom made pieces that you can engrave with your own personal message/s. This company has 80% of its workers as women, who live locally in a small town close to the Pennsylvania boarder. Many of the workers have recruited their friends to work in this company, creating a friendly environment that fosters and cultivates an attention to producing high quality products made in the USA with love. 

Why are we promoting this US company? Because we at AN8 believe that when any local business recruits employees from the local area where the company is situated and works hard at producing high quality products for others to enjoy, they help to improve the local economy and the quality of lives of those who live in that community.

Shipping times are also FAST.

  • US Delivery Time - 5 to 8 days
  • International Delivery Time - 1 to 2 weeks

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